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Configuring Nikola

After I decided to switch this blog over from Jekyll to Nikola the first thing to do was to configure Nikola to my liking.
Nikola offers plenty of options to configure, as of this writing it has more than 100 settings for all of its options! Since I want something as lean as possible some tweaking and workarounds were necessary to make it work the way I wanted to. This post will cover the way I configured Nikola.

Sourcing Python files in the interactive interpreter

One of the most useful features of a Linux shell I often use is sourcing of files. Sourcing a file basically means that the file’s code is run as if you typed it in yourself. Everything the code in the file does is applied to the shell you’re currently using and all its global variables are added to your current shell. It’s also possible to do this in Python, with the function execfile.