Simon van der Veldt



Creating is my passion. Making digital things using the awesome new (web) technologies we have at our disposal nowadays is the biggest part of this, but I also love designing and engineering physical products.

Sharing my passion and knowledge on these subjects is a natural part of making things for me. That's why you can find me at several meetups, I post on this blog and you can find anything I create on my GitHub.

Professionally I am experienced in Software Requirements and Specifications, Test Management and Test Automation and working in Agile (Scrum) teams.

Simplicity, modularity and high-quality are the pillars on which I base everything I create.



  1. Strong writing and verbal skills
  2. Analytical
  3. Specialist knowledge on wide range of subjects
  4. Quick learner

Software Development

  1. Agile
  2. Test Management
  3. Virtualization
  4. Mobile + web Development
  5. SAP

Automotive Engineering

  1. Motorsports
  2. Suspension Design
  3. CAD/CAM
  4. Data Acquisition


Test Coördinator

Sanoma Media



more... is the digital version of the magazine shelf you find in the bookstore/supermarket. Using Scrum sprints we expand the possibilities of and enhance the existing functionalities.
Examples are the addition of both single-copy sales as well as subscriptions, beeing able to get a free digital copy of your print subscription, adding magazines from third party publishers and bringing the app to other mobile operating systems.

Implementation of SAP BCM and integration with SAP CRM



During 2012 our project group implemented SAP BCM as the telephony platform for Sanoma Media Customer Services. This included both the implementation of BCM itself and the integration with the existing SAP CRM Web UI front-end.

During this project I was part of the group that took care of the requirements, specification and blueprint, testing, training and roll-out to the functional application managers and the end-users.

Bachelor, Automotive Engineering

Hogeschool Rotterdam


Development of racing dampers for the Porsche 944 Basic Cup

2011 - 2012


As thesis for my Bachelor Automotive Engineering I worked together with racing suspension manufacturer JRZ Suspension Engineering from Uden and the RFF race team from Aalsmeer to develop a complete new suspension set for the Porsche 944 Basic Cup.
The project included bench-testing with a Roehrig damper dynamometer, track-testing using AIM and MoTeC data-acquisition on several Porsche 944's during actual races and developing the final damper specifications based on the analysis of the acquired data and feedback from the race team and their drivers.

Key User SAP M/SD and SAP CRM

Sanoma Media


Implementation of SAP ERMS (E-Mail Response Management System)



During 2011 our project group implemented SAP ERMS as the e-mail management platform for Sanoma Media Customer Services as a replacement for both the outsourced handling of our e-mails and the use of Microsoft Exchange.

During this project I was part of the group that took care of the requirements, specification and blueprint, testing, training and roll-out to the functional application managers and the end-users.

Internship Race Engineer

Van Amersfoort Racing


Development of ADAC Formel Masters car and drivers



During this internship I was responsible for the Engineering of the ADAC Formel Masters cars and training of their drivers. Furthermore I supported the Formula 3 and Formula Renault teams from Van Amersfoort Racing.

Internship Development and Engineering - D8 GT

Donkervoort Automobielen


Development and engineering of the Donkervoort D8 GT



During this internship I helped the team at Donkervoort to bring the D8 GT to production.
I developed several parts for the production car such as the lower doors, hinges and mounting for the doors and the rear hatch/window.
Furthermore I redesigned the front suspension optimizing the geometry, mounting of the dampers and ease of use of the damper adjusters.

Customer Service employee (2nd line)

Sanoma Media

2006–2008, part-time

Fahrzeugbau (Automotive Engineering)

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg


Customer Service employee


2003–2004, part-time

Atheneum, Natuur en Techniek

College Hageveld, Heemstede


First place Haarlems Interscholair Toernooi

1998, Category Visual Arts, Design


The hanging chair (scale 1:10) I created for my Visual Design course won the 1st prize of the 1998 Haarlems Interscholair Toernooi (Haarlem's Interscholar Tournament) in the category Visual Arts, Design.


TOSCA Certified User Foundation Level


September 2012



Native or bilingual proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Limited working proficiency

Personal interests

Home Automation & Internet of Things


Using the open-source supervisord to control a Mosquitto MQTT broker and it's Python based clients. Multiple wireless Arduino-derived low-power nodes are connected to one of the MQTT-clients to enable wireless sensing and switching.
All of this runs inside LXC containers on a customized Debian Wheezy installation.
Also, I regularly visit the monthly Internet of Things/Sensemakers Amsterdam meetup.

Mobile (web-based) Development


Since the day the T-Mobile G1 was released I've been using various Android devices and custom roms. Currently I'm running CyanogenMod, but I'm looking forward to give OmniROM a try.
Since that same day I've been making mobile websites. Back then with special mobile versions, nowadays all of them are responsive (mobile first!) using the awesome new possibilities that HTML5, CSS3 and javascript give us.
I hope that with all these possibilities and with the advent of Firefox OS, Ubuntu for phones, Tizen and Jolla/Sailfish OS the development of mobile apps using web technologies is finally becoming a first class citizen. Writing your front-end once and using it on every platform is something that should make every developer happy :)

Product Design


At the moment I'm working on a fully modular Mini-ITX case using openbeam aluminium extrustions and brushed aluminium panels. First full prototype will be done by the end of the year. I will also upload the design files to GitHub when the first full prototype is done.

Motorsports Engineering


I regularly visit the Zandvoort racetrack, especially when there are HARC (Historic Auto Race Club) or ADPCR (All Dutch Porsche Club Racing) events going on. I help people with setting up their suspension and dampers. Apart from that I'm always working on my long running project, a '75 Super Beetle with Porsche 944 M030 suspension and Boxster brakes. The engine is still stock though :) More info on
Currently I'm working on a custom pair of coil-over dampers for the front suspension.