Simon van der Veldt

About me and this website

About me

Hello, my name is Simon van der Veldt. I am a tinkerer, motorsports engineer and a minimalist who loves to create things from bits and bytes and physical materials :)

I have a very broad range of interests, from home automation to suspension design for motorsports to mobile web design and making coffee. Knowing all the ins and outs and staying on the bleeding edge of current developments on all of these fields is what I do in my spare time. I use this blog to write about these random things.

For my professional information have a look at my résumé.

About this website

This website is made with Jekyll and GitHub Pages. All content is written in GitHub Flavored MarkDown and parsed using the Redcarpet Markdown parser. Code highlighting is done using Pygments. If you want to see the inner workings of this site you can find the source on my GitHub repository. In case you have a suggestion or run into an issue please feel free to create an issue there as well.

The theme is based on the theme I made for the previous version of this site and Kyle Isom’s blog from 2013.

My résumé page is generated using a self-written Python script that extracts all data from my public LinkedIn profile using BeautifulSoup. It then generates an HTML page with all this info that gets integrated into this site.